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When it comes to negotiating the best buying conditions for your future home, let Emmanuelle Beaudet and her team guide the way.

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Benefit from an expert negotiator

Thanks to her expertise, Emmanuelle Beaudet knows how to advise her clients on the best practices to adopt when it comes to buying a home. She counts more than 27 years’ experience in negotiation!


Get advice and support every step of the way

Emmanuelle Beaudet and her team accompany you during every step of the real estate buying process, from scheduling your first visit to signing the deed of sale. Plus, we act as a neutral partner, allowing you to see things more clearly.


Do business with a southwest expert

It’s been more than 20 years since Emmanuelle Beaudet first fell under Montreal’s southwest charm. With a well-established reputation, Emmanuelle herself embodies the welcoming spirit, as well as the refined, yet accessible side of this unique area.


Get access to a highly available team

Emmanuelle Beaudet makes her clients her #1 priority. In addition to monitoring and filtering sales offers, Emmanuelle Beaudet’s team is always available to help you find your dream home.


Get access to a comprehensive network

Thanks to her in-depth training, Emmanuelle Beaudet is equipped with a variety of tools and an excellent network of contacts to help advise you. The success of your real estate transaction relies on the expertise and know-how of several professionals.

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